Digital Resistance 101 Toolkit

Included in the toolkit:

Thirteen years of tried and tested techniques in 5 short lessons

Workbook for project development and brainstorming

All the content from the previous DR101 course in one easy package!


All levels of tech knowledge invited


This toolkit is intended for collaborative community use and participation.  





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Lesson 1: Occupying virtual space

Establishing an online presence

Mechanics of a virtual identity

Lesson 2: Definitions

Defining the goals, issues, and audience

Create an enduring concept and community online

Lesson 3: Planning for Success

Planning outreach and scheduling virality

Decolonization and the digital world

Lesson 4: Strategies

Strategies for success, efficiency, and growth

Social responsibility and implications

Lesson 5: Ways of A Digital Warrior

Top “rascuacha tech”-niques

Care and preservation

About author
Iris Rodriguez Style: Technology, Poetry, Decolonization, Xicanx Studies

Iris Rodriguez is a digital strategist, multimedia producer, authormusical artist, and poet from San Antonio, Texas.  Since 2002 her projects have addressed issues such as environmental racism/justice, family detention, decolonization, cultural arts, guerrilla media,womynism and public archives.  She is the founder of Xica Media, a Xicana-powered network of six independent multimedia channels reaching over 120 countries in three languages.  Bio.

Iris Rodriguez