Top “Rascuacha Tech”niques

The following is a “sneak peek” and excerpt from Digital Resistance 101

Here are a few of the top “Rascuacha Tech“niques that have proven useful and invaluable over the past thirteen years in digital resistance:


Document, digitize, disseminate

These 3 D's are the keys to digital resistance! Capturing moments of justice/injustice, converting them into digital form, and disseminating them should be part of the baseline operational framework of every digital resistance strategy.

Use technology as a tool for positive change

Access to technology and technological knowledge is a privilege.  We as a digitized generation are able to connect with people across the globe in seconds.  The power we hold in our hands is unparalleled in human history.  It has changed the way we communicate and connect as human beings, a power which is at your reach. 

Within the realm of digital resistance, technology is used to assert virtual power and effect positive change by moving a mass number of individual hearts to positive action through a computer screen.

Assimilation is a double-edged sword

Assimilation is a tool of war and white supremacy.  It is irrefutable that it has had disastrous effects on communities of color.  However, by using assimilation as a way to access spaces of power it can also be used a tool for the purposes of digital resistance.

Protests and marches are a few examples of many forms of resistance.  But combining tactics can provide a potentially-exponential, multifaceted framework to resist on a massive scale.  For the purposes of digital resistance, listening to the opposition can be used as a strategy to gain insight into their ideology, framing, and language around the issue so that it can then be deconstructed on the website.

Pool your resources

There is room for everybody in the movement.  The solidarity of individuals from all walks of life is necessary.  Include elders and the non-techie folks in digital strategizing.  They may have visions that can help guide the digital movement in directions that were previously unconsidered. Brainstorming and being open to ideas from all directions will result in a broader strategic vision and outreach campaign.

Include folks that can help pray or send positive thoughts toward the movement.  All positive energies are needed, especially when combating an enemy with deep pockets, political power, and the power to move sicknesses like ignorance and greed through corporate media and the internet.  Pool your resources to circumvent any individual/communal disadvantages.  Through the collective effort, change is possible.

Go rascuachx

Energy, time, and money are luxuries.  Use what you have and start where you are. Resist the urge to feel shame if resources are low. Do not let any self-defeating thought stop you from taking action.  Think in terms of exponentiality in order to maximize efficiency and resources from the start.

Go multimedia, multiplatform, and multilingual.

A multifaceted digital war front can be created for little to no cost by piecing together free multimedia elements.  Remember that the wider an audience you aim for, the greater your chances are of going viral.  Piece together multimedia ideas to create a comprehensive network that can reach across the screen and stimulates the senses.

If possible, set your sights beyond the United States and the English language.  A plugin called WordPress Multilingual CMS (WPML) is a great tool for multilingual sites.  Visit for more information.

The two main objectives of the site are to raise awareness and move hearts to action.  Going multimedia, multi-platform, and multilingual can help achieve that.  The more ways you evoke and communicate human emotion (toward positive action) across your virtual spaces, the greater the chances you can engage an audience who stands in solidarity with the movement.

Streamline and automate publishing processes

WordPress allows you to connect the website to social media accounts so that each time you publish a post, it is automatically published to the associated social media networks. This is a great way to spread the message across platforms and networks with the push of one button.

You can access these settings within your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Sharing.

Take the time to organize information

Sort the website so that it can serve as an easy-to-use digital multimedia library.  You want to reach people from as many backgrounds and abilities possible and one way to do this is to keep your data organized.

Here are a few ways you can organize and optimize information:

    • Create a page for multimedia or downloadable resources


    • Add a search widget in the side bar


    • Headline or “take action” button front and center


    • Add a calendar of posts or “Archives” widget in the sidebar for easy access to past posts


Think outside the box: in the virtual universe, anything is possible

Look for new ways to reach a broader audience or make your work easier.  Find creative and inclusive ways to plan, strategize, and improve the site.  Think outside the box and beyond the borders. Dare to dream big. 

Digital resistance + art = infinite possibilities

The solidarity of visual and musical artists can take the digital war front to the next level.  Artist solidarity is important because of the way imagery plays a critical part of connecting people across the world.  Expressing things visually in the virtual world is very effective because imagery communicates almost instantly, regardless of the language.  By incorporating music into a movement, spirits can be moved to action across a screen or on the ground.  The possibilities for positive change that arise from fusing the arts into a movement (and by default a digital resistance war front) are infinite.

Digital libraries are a form of resistance

There are certain elements of struggle that communities of color in the U.S. have in common.  One of those is the lack of corporate media attention and public validation of our community issues. Creating a digital war front is one way to dismantle the media blackout.  Instead of waiting for the media, you become the media. Another important reason a digital library and creating a digital record of critical information and making it easily accessible is a form of resistance is that the information can then be infinitely shared, downloaded, or printed by anyone who obtains a web-based or remote digital copy.  History can no longer be erased.  Digital, printed, individually-retained footprints saturate the world, potentially for generations.

A digital warrior is a virtual fire keeper

The position of a virtual fire keeper makes a digital warrior socially responsible. Be conscious of the type of emotional “fire” you spread to people online so that you don’t stoke a “dark digital fire.” The virtual is not separate from the physical or spiritual worlds.

Protect your data

Every piece of digital information in your digital resistance war front is a potential tool for freedom and justice.  Every device and mechanism that comes into contact with your data with should be secured and backed up in multiple, unrelated locations.

Self-care and self-preservation are forms of resistance

Maintaining your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is an act of resistance.  Making sure that your mind, body, and spirit are in optimal shape benefits you, your sacred relations, and your community.  Each link in the chain of family and community must be as strong as possible.

Excerpt from Digital Resistance 101 by Iris Rodriguez Xica Media | Copyright 2017 | All Rights Reserved